Born and raised on the north shore of Boston, I grew up swimming in trash barrels filled with olives in the back of my grandfather's Greek catering company. I spent over 10 years at big monster agencies, small scrappier ones, and in house at Carhartt. From there, I took everything I loved, left out all the nonsense, and started my own creative/production shop, Piggyback. Pitched and won new biz for Carhartt, Weber Grills, Puma, Ocean Spray, Vail Resorts, Cheeba Chews, and Evolve. Oversaw all creative, managed and pep talked the crap out of teams of Writers, Art Directors, Designers, and Strategists. Also, got closer to the camera and started Directing video shoots. Today, when I'm not eating lamb, writing or directing, I'm up at 6:00am on my way to Vail to get more days on the mountain than my buddies. That means you, Mike Fontenot. The worst thing I've ever done was at age six. At a church assembly, the priest asked a group of Sunday school kids, "who's Jesus Christ?" I raised my hand and explained, "Jesus Christ is when you walk into the ocean and it's really cold and you say, 'Jesus Christ the water's cold." Oh, and I've won some awards along the way, so there's that.