Cheeba Chews Not a Real Doctor
Cheeba Chews Cannabis Edibles came to Piggyback with a new product launch of “Joint Relief.” It’s a great way to help with aches and pains, and so much better for your lungs than smoking a joint. Cannabis is still in a stage where there is little to no FDA approval so making any serious medical claims was out of the question. However, the world at large is familiar with the natural benefits of cannabis, so Piggyback decided to do something completely different. Sure pharma parodies have thrived on SNL forever, but this video is a parody that’s also communicating real messages. So, as much as we tapped into comedy, we’re not joking about all the health benefits from cannabis. And in a category where comedy is still rare, we stayed true to the O.G. edible’s brand and our previous “We Got Chew” campaigns. Why can’t we talk about something that has health benefits and have a chuckle at the same time- remember, laughing is good for your health too.